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The 22nd Street Bridge Project

FEB. 9, 2019 – As activity in this area continues to increase, signs of progress have slowed since the first span was felled a few weeks ago. Though no more of the bridge has come down, there seem to be increasingly more workers and vehicles in the project area.

Because this bridge covers several active railroad tracks, construction and railroad companies must work together to manage the demo that remains.

Construction is expected to be completed in May 2020, according to Eric Martin, PE, Public Works Department, City of Chesapeake. Local leaders are asking residents to remember the end result: A smoother passage to and through South Norfolk.

Below is a map of the new alignment of the new bridge.

22nd Street Bridge Alignment

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For greater detail, CLICK HERE to download and view map PDF from the city.

Getting around

For those routinely stranded by trains, has produced maps to help people get around the trains when necessary.

In late January, WCTV released this video as an update on the project:

Here are some more shots we took of the bridge project area:

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Godwin Avenue road improvements near completion

It has been a bit of a mess in Portlock for what seems like a month of Sundays, but the project has maintained steady progress and is nearing completion. The road and curbs look nice, and we are looking forward to street striping, landscaping and lighting to complete the look.

Jenning's Home has new neighbor

Click to enlarge. The old Jenning’s Home at the northwest corner of Chesapeake and Holly in South Norfolk, and its new house next door.

New home squeezes in on Chesapeake Avenue

It’s going to take some “getting used-to,” this new home (designed to look old) which has been built between the old Dr. Jenning’s Home and Office at Chesapeake and Holly, and the large old home that was once next door.

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Finally, a face!

Down Bainbridge, near the Reunion condo community, we were happy to see that the large building with store fronts on Bainbridge is finally getting a face!

Reunion is a townhome styled condo community offering 3-story floor plans with 2 to 3 bedrooms, 2 to 2.5 baths, and between 1,400 to over 2,000 sq. ft. of living area. There is a monthly HOA fee of about $165, and homes list for about $300k.

Leaders meet to discuss South Norfolk Revitalization

The city organized a private, by-invitation-only meeting in late January that brought people together to discuss the revitalization of South Norfolk.

According to the video, it was “a networking event for all the people that are doing great work in South Norfolk to get together and share what they’re doing, share their experiences, and maybe develop some partnerships and look for opportunities where they can do more great things in South Norfolk.”

If there is enough interest, the meetings will continue. Some in the South Norfolk community said they would have liked to have known about the event.

Jaleh Shea, director of the city planning department, explains more about the meeting:


City seeks input

City solicits South Norfolk input

The City of Chesapeake shared an online survey on Facebook targeted to South Norfolkians and those who are interested in the area.

CLICK HERE to take the survey.


Project to Come: Sidewalk to Elizabeth River Park

Among the city’s list of projects in South Norfolk is the “Poindexter Street Sidewalk to Elizabeth River Park” project, currently in design. The project will provide a 5-foot sidewalk from Bainbridge Boulevard to Elizabeth River Park at South Norfolk Jordan Bridge along the south side of the I-464 overpass at Poindexter Street. Nearly $550 thousand has been budgeted for the sidewalk.

For more information on public works projects, visit this City page:

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SNBD’s Featured Businesses for February 2019


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There is more to love at Sam’s than just gasoline! Have you ever had their fried wings? Seriously good. Stop by! Next to Creekmore’s. 1235 Bainbridge Blvd. 545-0251

Martin's Soul Food has closed its South Norfolk storeSouth Norfolk Martin’s Soul Food closed

The Martin’s Soul Food restaurant in the Bainbridge Marketplace at 2544 Bainbridge Blvd. has closed.

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