South Norfolk: Shopping, Services & More!

Historic homes line the streets of South Norfolk

This 1900s National Historic Landmark Community of South Norfolk has interesting architecture and a selection of restaurants and stores to visit. 

In its beginning, residents of South Norfolk worked nearby at stores, farms, dairies, and the knitting mill down by the river —  the eastern branch of the Elizabeth River.

Some worked across the river at the Norfolk Shipyard in Portsmouth. There was no bridge back then. Shipyard workers would have had to take one of several ferries that operated in the area, way back then.

A revitalization in progress

Today, the community is experiencing a revitalization. Bit by bit, the charm of its history is being restored through new roads, new crosswalks, new landscaping and new old-fashioned street lights.

At the western entrance to the main corridor sits the Gateway Building at 801 Poindexter St.

Originally a private endeavor, the City of Chesapeake stepped in to help the struggling project. Plans for a new library were revised from a standalone library next to the Gateway property, to a library INSIDE the Gateway Building.

Today, the new library also features a nice little cafe’, The Bookends Cafe’  that offers sandwiches, pastries and beverages for breakfast and lunch.

The sleepy little historic landmark community some call “SoNo” will awaken just as the weather warms.

In the spring, city contractors will revise and reroute the 22nd Street Bridge. The new bridge will flow directly onto the western end Poindexter Street.

Also in the spring, ForKids begins construction on their new state headquarters. It will be located on the site of the old library at 1100 Poindexter St.

No one has publicly estimated the number of workers that may be coming to the area for revitalization projects. However workers many there may be, the opportunity for marketing is undeniable.

We wanted a South Norfolk billboard

Actually, we would have preferred a billboard. That proved too expensive and challenging, so a directory was created.

Designed to work on all devices, the directory is especially easy to use on mobile devices.

All listings include at least 2 images, business address and phone, a short description and an interactive map to lead people to the business. For a few bucks a month, listers can have more images, a longer description, an email contact form and more.